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Monthly Recap - February 2024

In this monthly recap, we aim to reintroduce some of the hidden gems of Grial UI Kit! Explore XAML Expressions, Responsive Helpers, and Animations. Additionally, discover a handpicked selection of essential .NET MAUI videos for all .NET developers out there!

Monthly Recap - February 2024

Post by Flowbase
January 28, 2021
Post by
Grial Team
Feb, 14, 2024
Monthly Recap - February 2024

Grial Monthly Recap

Hey there! This our monthly summary of Grial UI Kit cool things you need to know,  and the .NET MAUI platform updates and all the amazing things out there you can’t miss. If you like it, please subscribe and stay up to date!In this first 2024 edition This versatility allows developers to finely tune the presentation of their applications, ensuring optimal user experiences across a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Grial UI Kit - Responsive Helpers

Spotlight: Responsive Helpers

Grial’s Responsive Helpers are XAML Extensions that provide fine-grained control of visual elements properties values depending on device current orientation. These values can also vary depending on the device type. This versatility allows developers to finely tune the presentation of their applications, ensuring optimal user experiences across a variety of devices and screen sizes.

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Grial UI Kit Animation Framework

Spotlight: Animations

The Grial UI Kit includes a XAML framework designed to facilitate dynamic animation of various elements contingent upon numeric value adjustments, such as those resulting from user interactions. This framework empowers developers to create engaging and responsive user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience with fluid and intuitive animations that adapt in real-time to user input.

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Grial UI Kit - XAML Expressions

Spotlight: XAML Expressions

One of Grial UI Kit many hidden gems! Grial XAML expressions are markup extensions that extend XAML by allowing element attributes to be set from sources other than literal text strings. For more information, see Markup Extensions Writing XAML expressions is far way faster than creating a Converter or defining a calculated property in a View-Model. In grial we provide a bunch of XAML Expressions.

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🤏 Hand picked for you...

There's a lot going on in the .NET MAUI world, sometimes it's easy to get lost. This is our top 3 selection of blogposts and announcements from this amazing community.

.NET MAUI Development in 2024

Starting .NET MAUI Development in 2024 - What You Need To Know

Looking to starting .NET MAUI multi-platform development for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows... and maybe even a little hybrid development with Blazor Hybrid? Our friend James Montemagno have broken down everything you need to know kicking off the years!

👉 Learn more here

Maddy Montaquila - On .NET MAUI tools in Visual Studio Code

Intro to Visual Studio Code | .NET MAUI

The release of the highly anticipated .NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code is a reallity! Embark on an exciting journey with Maddy as she guides you through the seamless integration of this cutting-edge extension into your development workflow. Whether you're wielding a Windows, Mac, or Linux device, dive into the exhilarating world of cross-platform app development.

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XAML Tools in Visual Studio - .NET MAUI

XAML Tools in Visual Studio

Join Maddy as she embarks on an insightful journey through her preferred selection of tools for crafting XAML UIs in Visual Studio, highlighting the efficiency and convenience brought forth by Hot Reload and XAML Live Preview. These tools not only streamline the development process but also enhance the overall design experience by providing real-time feedback and adjustments.

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