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Grial UI Kit 4 For .NET MAUI - October Update

Check out Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI October updates!


Grial UI Kit 4 For .NET MAUI - October Update

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January 28, 2021
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Oct 31, 2022
Grial UI Kit 4 For .NET MAUI - October Update

Another month went by and there are lots of new updates for our .NET MAUI Grial UI Kit 4.

Let’s dive in.

Brand new Charts controls crafted specifically for .NET MAUI using Maui.Graphics! Super sexy, easy to use Bar, Line, Area, Ring, and Pie Charts.

If you want to see the charts showcased, check out our TaskBrowser and TaskOverview pages. More samples will be coming out in November.

You can also read the docs here.

File Explorer Flow - Showcases how to display and organize a hierarchical file and folder structure. It includes actions like creating, renaming or deleting; it also uses the now available Floating Menu control, a menu that you can place anywhere in the screen (just like the Android’s Floating Action Button).

Popup Support - We now have Popup support based on the Mopups library by Tyson Elliot Hooker, a .NET MAUI port of the OG Popups for Xamarin.Forms by Rotorgames: Rg.Plugins.Popup. The File Explorer Flow uses Popups extensively. Check out the multiple templates for dialogs, action sheets, and notifications included in the PopupsPage.

New Screens - 15 new screens including: new article list / detail templates, signing / signup forms, product details, chat pages, document timeline, and finally, the ThemeOverviewPage where you can see what Grial controls look like when you apply any of our themes.

October was definitely a busy month, with lots of new content coming out!

Explore the new content and build amazing .NET MAUI apps.

Let us know if you have any feedback, and follow us here. See you next month with a new update!

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