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Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI - July Update

Check out what’s new with Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI and what’s coming soon!

Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI - July Update

Post by Flowbase
January 28, 2021
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Jul 25, 2022
Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI - July Update

We’ve been working hard to grow the .NET MAUI version of Grial UI Kit 4, and we’re happy to announce the latest update:

  • 15 new pages to help you craft amazing onboarding and social experiences
  • 2 new controls: Parallax View and ExtendedCarouselView
  • An extended version of our animation framework (you can see it today in all our walkthrough pages)

Coming soon we’ll have bar charts and line charts!

What would you like to see next? Give us your suggestion here.

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